Land of Dust and Illusion



Hank Green has now publicly said that Sam Pepper will no longer be welcome at VidCon.

TRACK NAME: I Will Always Return
ALBUM TITLE: Spirit Soundtrack
ARTIST: Bryan Adams


I Will Always Return - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron


Omg, so I’m actually not this bad at making screencap redraws or whatever.

Latin@ Lady & the Tramp this time.


i thought i would stop after the first one but uh

my dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow


Everyone who suffers from social anxiety needs a friend who will

  1. help them order food when it’s too scary
  2. walk with them through crowded places
  3. help them laugh it off when they make a mistake
  4. not get tired of answering “no, you’re not annoying, silly goose! You’re adorable and I love you” no matter how many times it’s needed

and if you’re that friend, bless u for being fab <3

"If you ever feel bad about the way you look, go to the forest and observe the trees. Take the time to notice how different they all are, and yet, they are all beautiful. You have slim trees and you have thick trees; tall and short; full of flowers and without them. Some trees look rugged and others look smooth; and all their leaves are of so many various shapes, sizes, and colours.
And they are all beautiful.
Sure, nobody’s perfect. But don’t you think that the quirky, stranger trees, with twisted branches and odd roots, always seem more mysterious - and therefore more beautiful and appealing - than the most regular, “perfect” trees?
The same thing applies to us, humans. We are all sons and daughters of Nature; and she wanted us to be the way we are. Never underestimate the beauty Mother Nature has given you: for your faults and imperfections are what makes you different, and therefore, beautiful, interesting, and special. The most twisted branch of a tree might be its more beautiful trait - and so your little cute belly, or your chubby legs, or the scars of your courage, or your too-thin-arms.
We are all like trees and we should accept ourselves just the way we are: chubby or thin, curvy or flat, tall or short, white as snow or black as dark chocolate. As long as we do not try to change ourselves - just like trees do.
Accept yourself and accept what Mother Nature has given you. Never forget that you have to love yourself before you can love others - and let yourself be loved.
Embrace your imperfections. Embrace your body. You are beautiful. ♥"